The Second Time Around

My second pregnancy has not been as easy as my first. This time around I have felt bigger and it has just been harder in general. I was very sick in the beginning so that was no fun. Now I am feeling better but I tire more easily. I think the first time around I only had to worry about myself and the second time around I am chasing a busy 3 year old and taking care of my family. It has made this pregnancy seem more difficult. The upside to being busy is that it is making this pregnancy fly by. I am 23 weeks today. I can't believe it. We get to meet our baby girl in about 3 1/2 - 4 months. It is hard to imagine how our lives will change but I know she will be a wonderful addition to our family.

Here I am today at 23 Weeks

I have been hard a work picking out nursery decor for our little girl. I decided to have the bedding made. Below is a mock up of the bedding (computer generated, so you have to use your imagination). I am so excited to see the finished product in a couple of months. It is just so fun picking things out for a little girl this time.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of my favorite 3 year old and the big brother to be!


Think Pink

You guessed it. Baby Pate is a GIRL! We are very excited. Mostly we are thankful for a healthy baby. I feel like I am still in shock that it is actually a girl. I keep saying "he" out of habit. I guess I will have to form a new habit of saying "she".
I still have not bought any girl baby stuff but rest assured I will be on the prowl this weekend. Our family is very excited as well about adding a little girl to all the little boys. Below are some pictures of our little princess.

Up next: Crib bedding and decor!


Motivation...Where Are You?

I have been feeling very unmotivated lately. Maybe it is because I am exhausted all the time and I can't seem to catch up. Work has been really hectic and I have been traveling quite a bit. I want to be better about posting on the blog so I can look back on these times but I am having a hard time getting motivated. I am hoping that in the next couple weeks life will slow down a bit but I am sure that is wishful thinking.

Now that I am done complaining about exhaustion and motivation I will update you on the last couple of weeks.

We had a fantastic Easter with my extended family. It was so great to spend time with my cousins and my Aunt and Uncle. Hudson enjoyed eating the candy out of the eggs better than actually hunting for the eggs. Maybe he will get it next year.

After all the Easter fun we celebrated my Dad's Birthday with cupcakes. Hudson loves to sing the Happy Birthday Song and help blow out the candles. He loves eating the cupcakes!

This past weekend Brad and I traveled to New Orleans to celebrate the wedding of Jennifer and John. It was a fun weekend. It was great to catch up with old friends and enjoy some yummy New Orleans food. Jennifer was a beautiful bride and they day was perfect. Sadly I did not bring my camera so I have no pictures from our trip. Below is one I swiped off of facebook (sorry for the small size

I cannot believe the I am 19 weeks pregnant. Time is flying by. We are very excited for our ultrasound next week. We hope Baby Pate will reveal his/or her gender during this ultrasound. I am so excited to start planning for a little girl or another little boy. I have some nursery ideas for both. I plan to share the ideas on the blog once we know if we are team pink or blue.

More to come sooner rather than later. I hope =)


Happy Easter and 16

I cannot believe that Easter is here and I am 16 weeks pregnant. We had a great doctor appointment on Monday. Baby Pate looks wonderful and had a heart rate of 156. Baby Pate did not wish to participate in the ultrasound so we still do not know the sex of the baby. Our 20 week ultrasound is on May 16th. We look forward to finding out if Hudson will have a brother or a sister at the appointment.
My family is in town for Easter this weekend! We are going to have lots of fun so be on the lookout for more pictures next week. I will also post another bump picture next week!

Happy Easter!



I am 14 weeks pregnant. I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy is flying by. Maybe it is because I am so busy with Hudson and work. I have been feeling pretty good the past couple of weeks. Hopefully the morning sickness and exhaustion are behind me.
My next Doctor Appointment is on April 18th. I will be almost 16 weeks so we will be able to find out the baby's gender during the ultrasound. We plan to have the Doctor write the gender down in a sealed envelope and then we will open the envelope with family on Easter. I think this will be a fun way to find out if Baby Pate is a boy or a girl. I would love to have a little girl to dress up but I also think it would be so fun for Hudson to have a brother. Needless to say we will be very happy and excited either way.

Here is my 14 week bump shot. Not much to see but I have a feeling it won't be much longer until I actually look pregnant instead of fluffy.


Do I Still Have Any Readers

Whew! I took a long blog break. It started because not much was happening at the beginning of the year and then a lot was happening and I never got caught up. Also I have been keeping quiet because I have some BIG News to share:

Hudson is going to be a big brother. We are thrilled to be expecting Baby # 2 in October. The baby looks perfect and healthy so far and we are very thankful. Hopefully this will jump start my blogging again. For now enjoy some pictures of Baby Pate!


Bahama Mama

We're Back! We had an awesome trip to the Bahamas! Thanks Papa for taking us on such a fun trip. Hudson had a ball. He dug in the sand, played in the pool, went down waterslides,and napped on the beach. I won't bore you will all 200 of my vacation photos but I will share a few of our favorite moments from the trip.